Layout Feel Free MDVI: Three categories

Feel Free MDVI is divided similar to the observation instrument Tactual Profile MDVI and uses the same terms:

1. Touching and perceiving

The tactual skills in this category focus on unintentional and passive perception. Clients do not yet have to understand what they are sensing. Ideas in this category stimulate clients to touch as well as their sense of touch. The sub-categories are:

  1. Noticing.
  2. Body awareness.
  3. Touch sensitivity.
  4. Proprioception.

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2. Touching and moving

These ideas have an active character and stimulate the motor skills. The sub-categories are:

  1. Tactual exploration.
  2. Two-handedness.

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3. Touching and understanding

Information that clients receive through touch, which helps them understand the world. The sub-categories are:

  1. Recognising.
  2. Perception of detail.
  3. Tactile-spatial perception.
  4. Figure-ground perception.
  5. Tactual language.
  6. Touch strategy.

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